Leading independently owned retail mortgage broker Priority Lending is launching a year long national television campaign this weekend with brokers as the stars.

Australia’s largest independently owned retail mortgage broker will feature two television commercials as well as a series of market updates to run during news segments.

Priority Lending Executive Chairman Sam White said the opening TV commercial would air during the Seven Network’s high rating 6pm news bulletin on Sunday night.

“The launch of our first national television commercials marks a significant new chapter for Priority Lending and is a reflection of our confidence in the industry” Mr White said.

“Priority Lending is not unique in putting brokers at the centre of their advertising. What is unique is that our commitment to broker partnerships goes much deeper than just putting them at the centre of our advertising – it just the tip of the iceberg for our Priority Lending brand,” Mr White said.

“Priority Lending’s brand building is centered on our brokers. It is all about the partnership between Priority Lending and our brokers in fighting for a better deal for customers.”

Mr White said that based on his initial discussion with his broker team; there is a high degree of excitement about the possibilities that come with such a significant marketing investment.

“We already offer our brokers high lead volumes, highly competitive commissions paid on time and 3 times a month, and pay trail for life. Our investment in television advertising further cements the fact we are deeply committed to growing broker businesses faster in partnership with our own,” Mr White said.

Mr White said that the objective of this campaign is to help brokers be famous in their community as they are the face of Priority Lending.

“When a customer responds to our ads the ‘moment of truth’ for the Priority Lending brand is their experience with our mortgage broker. The stars of our new TV ads are Priority Lending brokers because our brand is about all about that partnership.”

Mr White said that industry regulation has helped to lift professionalism in the industry.

“It is no surprise that now over 40% of home loans are written by mortgage brokers. Smart consumers see that they can get a better deal by going to mortgage brokers rather than just going to their bank.

Mr White said that in the near future mortgage brokers were likely to be writing at least one in every two home loans inAustralia.

Mr White said Priority Lending has strong non-mortgage product options including insurance, commercial, personal lending and financial planning offerings.

“Priority Lending’s belief in the industry and broker centric focus is evident our new Academy program which is designed to recruit new brokers into the industry. Our Academy has much higher commission pass through rates that other large retail broker groups offer as well as strong support from a dedicated training and coaching team plus high lead volumes.”

Source: Priority Lending

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